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State v. Mark Joseph Tovar
Mark Joseph Tovar began his deviant molestation and sexual assault against his step-daughter when she was about seven years old. He intentionally and maliciously abused this young child her entire childhood. He groomed this child by his gradual sexual advances over a period of about 14 years.

He began touching her through her clothes, digitally penetrating her, and ejaculating on her. He performed oral sex on this child and made her perform oral sex on him. This then led to ongoing sexual intercourse and continued into the victim's adult life. This child became pregnant several times wherein she was taken in for abortions to cover up his sick and perverted crime.

When the victim was about 19 years old, she decided to keep the pregnancy and this baby, who through DNA testing was determined to be fathered by the defendant, the victim's step-father. The defendant stole this victim's childhood from her and caused her to live through repeated sexual assaults on a daily basis.

Tovar was convicted of multiple counts of: Molestation of child; sexual conduct with a minor under 15 years old; and sexual conduct with a minor and was sentenced 3/31/2014 to life with no parole until served a minimum of 144 years.

Convicted of:
- Multiple counts of: Molestation of Child
- Sexual Conduct with a Minor under 15 years old
- Sexual Conduct with a Minor.
Life with no parole until 144 years served.
Pima County has the lowest felony plea bargain rate in Arizona
Prosecution Statistic Fiscal Year 2008/2009 Fiscal Year 2009/2010
Adult Felony Trials 409 390
Felony Trial Rate 6.8% 7.3%
Felony Dispositions 5,993 5,312
Prison (DOC) 2,383 2,104
Percent to Prison 39.8% 39.6%
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