PCAO - Criminal Division Trials for the Week of November 9, 2015
Prosecutor(s) Crt Rm Div Date /Time CR# Defendant(s) Charge(s) Judge
Victoria Otto and Rick Unklesbay 675 14 11/10 10:30 CR05669 LAMBRIGHT, JOE LEONARD First Degree Murder Sentencing Trial Nichols
Sterling Struckmeyer 483 3 11/10 10:30 CR20141246 FLORES-CENTENO, ALVARO 1 Ct. Burglary, First Degree 1 Ct. Theft of Property or Services 1 Ct. Possession of Burglary Tools 1 Ct. Possession of a Narcotic Drug 1 Ct. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 2 Cts. Possession of Deadly Weapon by Prohibited Possessor 2 Cts. Theft of a Firearm Lee
Matthew Eklund 672 20 11/10 10:30 CR20144910 GARCIA, RAIF JOSEPH 1 Ct. Forgery Rash
Brandon Espinosa 480 23 11/10 10:30 CR20131383 RUIZ-ESTRADA, ARTHUR 1 Ct. Aggravated Assault, Deadly Weapon/Dangerous Instrument 1 Ct. Criminal Damage 1 Ct. DUI 1 Ct. DUI with BAC of .08 or More 1 Ct. DUI with BAC of .20 or More Cornelio
Alan Goodwin and Frances Kreamer Hope 472 28 11/10 10:30 CR20135144 RICHTER, FERNANDO HERNANDEZ (-001) RICHTER, SOPHIA LEEANN (-002) 3 Cts. Kidnapping 3 Cts. Child Abuse 2 Cts. Aggravated Assault (Fernando Richter only) Tang
Kelly McInroy 811 SR 11/10 10:30 CR20151024 CAMPBELL, WALTER DONTE 1 Ct. Possession of a Deadly Weapon by Prohibited Possessor Fell
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