PCAO - Criminal Division Trials for the Week of July 21, 2014
Prosecutor(s) Crt Rm Div Date /Time CR# Defendant(s) Charge(s) Judge
Beth Anderson 686 6 7/22 1:30 CR20131385 SAINZ, JEANETTE 1 Ct. Possession of a Dangerous Drug for Sale 1 Ct. Possession of Marijuana for Sale 1 Ct. Possessio of Drug Paraphernalia Liwski
Sterling Struckmeyer 808 SR 7/22 10:30 CR20132664 AGUIRRE, RENE RICARDO 2 Cts. Possession of a Weapon by a Prohibited Possessor Fell
Jeffrey Wadman 675 14 7/22 10:30 CR20140628 HERRERA, ABEL EDUARDO 1 Ct. Possession of Marijuana for Sale 1 Ct. Transportation of Marijuana for Sale Nichols
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