PCAO - Criminal Division Trials for the Week of October 17, 2016
Prosecutor(s) Crt Rm Div Date & Time CR# Defendant(s) Charge(s) Judge
Nicol Green & Jonathan Mosher 805 18 10/18 10:30 CR20151542 WATSON, DAVID DWAYNE 1 Ct. Second Degree Murder 2 Cts. First Degree Murder Fields
Michelle Chamblee 386 LF 10/18 10:30 CR20154040 CAMP, STEPHEN CARL 4 Cts. Molestation of a Child McGinley
Mark Diebolt 811 SR 10/18 10:30 CR20144541 CHARNEY, MICHAEL DAVID 4 Cts. Aggravated Assault, Deadly Weapon/Dangerous Instrument 1 Ct. Aggravated Assault of a Minor Under Fifteen Fell
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