PCAO - Criminal Division Trials for the Week of May 2, 2016
Prosecutor(s) Crt Rm Div Date & Time CR# Defendant(s) Charge(s) Judge
Ellen Brown and Lewis Brandes 675 14 5/3 10:30 CR20132518 MALONE, STEPHEN JAY 1 Ct. First Degree Murder 1 Ct. Aggravated Assault 1 Ct. Endangerment Nichols
Soo Chang 472 28 5/3 10:30 CR20104165 BIRDOW, JEROME LEDARRYE 5 Cts. Sale of a Narcotic Drug Tang
Matt Eklund 375 VE 5/3 1:30 CR20153491 TEMPLIN, EVAN PAUL 1 Ct. Burglary, First Degree 1 Ct. Theft, Misdemeanor Godoy
Lauren Pylipow 483 3 5/3 1:30 CR20150905 FIMBRES, GILBERTO LOPEZ 3 Cts. Sexual Conduct with a Minor 2 Cts. Sexual Abuse of a Minor 1 Ct. Sexual Indecency to a Minor 1 Ct. Indecent Exposure to a Minor Lee
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