PCAO - Criminal Division Trials for the Week of July 11, 2016
Prosecutor(s) Crt Rm Div Date & Time CR# Defendant(s) Charge(s) Judge
Mark Diebolt 811 SR 7/12 10:30 CR20154279 JOLLEY, CHASE ROBERT 1 Ct. Aggravated Assault, Deadly Weapon/Dangerous Instrument 1 Ct. Aggravated Assault, Temporary/Substantial Disfigurement 1 Ct. Armed Robbery 1 Ct. Aggravated Robbery 1 Ct. Possession of a Deadly Weapon by Prohibited Possessor Fell
Benjamin Mendola 680 25 7/12 10:30 CR20153640 DOMINGUEZ, CARLOS OCTAVIO 3 Cts. Trafficking in Stolen Property, First Degree Brearcliffe
Jonathan Mosher and Victoria Otto 483 3 7/12 1:30 CR20144526 VARGAS, LUIS ARMANDO (victim KAY READ) 1 Ct. First Degree Murder 1 Ct. Burglary, Second Degree 1 Ct. Kidnapping 1 Ct. Arson of a Structure 1 Ct. Theft of Means of Transportation 1 Ct. Theft of a Credit Card Lee
Lauren Pylipow and Michelle Chamblee 375 VE 7/12 1:30 CR20143874 RAT, DRACO ARUM 1 Ct. Indecent Exposure to a Minor Under Fifteen 3 Cts. Sexual Conduct with a Minor Under Fifteen 1 Ct. Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child Godoy
Dan South 686 6 7/12 1:30 CR20141940 ORANTEZ, JESSE GILBERT 5 Cts. Kidnapping 5 Cts. Aggravated Robbery 5 Cts. Armed Robbery 5 Cts. Aggravated Assault 1 Ct. Burglary Liwski
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