Author: Laura Conover

Laura Conover authorizing agency pay raise

Week 44

After 14 months of negotiation, the County this week has authorized the first meaningful, agency-wide pay raise since 1997.
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Pima County Attorney's office

Week 43

Unlike in many parts of the country, Arizona’s County Attorneys' offices, including PCAO, are made up of both Criminal and Civil divisions.
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Pima County domestic violence team

Week 42, October 25th

A PCAO Domestic Violence team – a prosecutor, paralegal, legal secretary and, often, a victim advocate and a detective – are responsible for helping resolve extremely complex cases of harm.
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week 38 in review

Week 40, October 1st, 2021

This morning, at a memorial in Tucson, our community expresses our collective gratitude for the life and service to this country of DEA Special Agent Mike Garbo...
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Week 37, September 17th, 2021

The week began solemnly with all of us in the Office reflecting back 20 years ago. Many of our staff commemorate 9/11 by joining in the annual Tower Challenge at Tucson Convention Center...
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