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Fraud Resources

The Fraud Unit of the Pima County Attorney's Office wants to help you protect yourself and your financial health from being scammed. Use the links below to learn what you can do to safeguard your finances; to report an instance of fraud if you've been harmed; and to utilize resources that can help you recover your loss.

Fraud Tip of the Week

Many have read that the best way to defeat the Coronavirus pandemic is to get enough people vaccinated so that we achieve “herd immunity.” Though public health officials have touted the vaccines, the media and others have also published people’s fears about getting the vaccine, which has contributed to “vaccine hesitancy.” In response, some states are offering incentives to people to get vaccinated.

Ohio, for instance, offers unvaccinated people an opportunity to enter a special Vax-a Million Lottery, which may result in a million-dollar payoff, just for getting vaccinated. Now, enter the scams. People who might see their own big payday are contacting others by email, text messages, phone calls, or social media to “sign people up” to be included in the lottery and to get an appointment for a shot. Instead of being entered into the lottery, though, victims (including some who don’t even live in Ohio and are, therefore, ineligible) are giving up personal information like SSNs, bank account numbers for direct deposit, and credit card information, hoping to be entered into the lottery. Instead, they’re giving up their personal information and opening themselves up to be defrauded.

#FraudTipoftheWeek: The Ohio Lottery will not contact anyone by phone, email, or social media. The only way someone can enter is online or by a phone call initiated by the interested entrant. The entrant provides some basic information (name, contact info, and date of birth, as well as vaccination status). If they’ve been vaccinated, they’re not eligible. If they don’t live in Ohio, they’re not eligible. No one is asked for their SSN, bank account, or credit card number online.

Don’t fall for this scam!

Consumer Protection and Fraud Reporting Links

General Tips on Avoiding Fraud

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