Week 11, March 19, 2021


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This week, we met with Gary Harrison, Pima County Clerk of the Superior Court (pictured above, 2018), and I...


Snow, rain & sun, all in one week. Welcome to… spring?

  • This week, we met with Gary Harrison, Pima County Clerk of the Superior Court (pictured above, 2018), and I can’t wait to partner with him as the Court continues to move to electronic filing and as we eventually go paperless at PCAO. Clerk Harrison is one of those people who makes you feel better about yourself and about your potential, just by being around him. This is the kind of positive energy that new leaders need.

Our own Joseph Alvarez, developer extraordinaire in our IT Department, pointed out that our partnership with the Court and with Clerk Harrison will one day, hopefully, mean that we can data-mine together when we look to expunge records on Prop 207 and, someday, more broadly once Arizona lawmakers enact expungement so people can earn back a clean slate. And that day will come! Push your legislators to pass HB 2320!

  • We’ve been working with our Civil Leadership team and want to thank Leslie Lukach, Chris Straub and Dan Jurkowitz for rising to the occasion and being a trifecta of strength and skill for the Unit, the Office & the County. They will serve the County in the interim period while they help us seek a profoundly qualified candidate for Civil Chief Deputy.
  • Our third Office-wide training, on Vicarious Trauma, happened Thursday. Nationally, we have begun to recognize the serious work hazards for first responders and public safety employees, and our good PCAO people are no different. Dr. Debra Austin, a national expert in lawyer well-being, educated the Office on what we can do as a team to bring our best service to all of Pima County through self-care in practical and manageable ways. We’re also excited to be working with the County Wellness Department to roll out Levelhead, a mindfulness app with learning modules and social networking to promote employee wellness and connection.

I’ve never worked in an Office before that celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, and I didn’t realize that until this week. Generally speaking, I put on a favorite kelly-green sweater each year, listen to my mom reminisce about family, and I think about blessings. But PCAO actually celebrates the holiday, in a genuine familial, historical way. ’Twas beautiful.

To be continued,

Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney