Public Records Requests

Unless making a request in-person, individuals requesting to review records or to obtain copies of records should complete a Public Records Request form and must pay for copies. Please be as specific as possible in your request to ensure accuracy in the production of the records. Find full instructions for requesting records and request forms by clicking HERE.

For commercial requests, click HERE.

Non-Commercial Public Records Request

MM slash DD slash YYYY
I request that the Pima County Attorney's Office:(Required)

The records requested are to be used for a non-commercial purpose

If the records are to be used for commercial purposes, please use the form titled PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST - COMMERCIAL PURPOSE


I certify that all the information provided is true and correct under penalty of perjury. I declare that I have read the Information and Instructions Pamphlet accompanying this form and understand its contents. I declare that the copies or reproductions of the public records which I have requested will be used solely a non-commercial purpose. Prior to obtaining copies of the documents requested, I agree to pay the fee assessed at the rate of:

  • $0.35 per page and $10.00 an hour for copying time for paper copies
  • $5.00 per CD and $10.00 an hour for downloading for documents in electronic format; and/ or
  • The actual cost of the medium and the reproduction, for information in any other reproduction format
  • I certify that the copies or reproductions of the public records which I have requested will be used solely for non- commercial purposes. I certify that the copies or reproductions will not be used directly or indirectly for any purpose other than that described nor will I transmit or resell the records to any other person or entity without specific authorization of the County Attorney’s records custodian.


The requesting party accepts responsibility for the requesting party's unauthorized use or transmission of any such data or information in its actual or altered form.