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The next Claims Board Meeting for the Pima County Crime Victim Compensation Program will be at 1:45 p.m. on September 2, 2021. Click below for the agenda and Zoom link.

Crime Victim Compensation Program Claims Board Meeting Agenda

Victim Services Division

The Victim Services Division mission supports and empowers survivors of crime to seek justice that strengthens and rebuilds their lives. Victim Advocates assist and provide support to victims at crime scenes, right after an incident has occurred, and as a victim navigates the criminal justice system. Victims can receive information on community resources, have in-person support at court hearings and be comforted, emotionally, by an advocate through the Victim Services Division.

Staff & volunteers team up to provide on-call services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Those who are victimized do not deserve to be alone. We’re here for you! If you are a victim of a crime or know someone who is a victim of a crime and would like support and/or resource information, please call us at 520-724-5525 and ask to speak with an advocate. Advocates are available Monday thru Friday from 8a to 5p (excluding government Holidays).

Victim Services provides support regardless of race, color, national origin including persons with limited English proficiency, sex, religion, disability, age, and genetic information. You may file a discrimination complaint if you believe that the Pima County Attorney’s Office has discriminated against you for any of the reasons listed above. For more information on how to file a civil rights non-discrimination complaint click here.

For Tucson City Court cases, which are not handled by the County Attorney, please call 520-791-5483.

Volunteers & Interns Contacts

For general internship or volunteer questions, please email Cheryl Lapper at cheryl.lapper@pcao.pima.gov.

For inquiries regarding law clerkships, please email Mark Hotchkiss at mark.hotchkiss@pcao.pima.gov.

For volunteer opportunities in our Victim Services division, please email Virginia Rodriguez at virginia.rodriguez@pcao.pima.gov.

For CJB volunteer opportunities, please email Jordanna Carvalho at jordanna.carvalho@pcao.pima.gov.

For high school internship opportunities, please email Victoria Otto at victoria.otto@pcao.pima.gov.

Bad Check

The Pima County Attorney’s Office joined with local law enforcement agencies and many local business people in 1996 to establish Pima County’s Bad Check Program. The program is designed to help reimburse individuals or merchants for the losses they incur from accepting bad checks.

This program is available FREE of charge to any individual or merchant in Pima County. We will collect from the offender the face value of the check plus a $25 victim fee for each check submitted.

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