Week 108


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Extraordinarily Busy Week

#WeekInJustice: Week 108

Another extraordinarily busy week at the People’s Office, here in the Old Pueblo:

  • Three new Victim Advocates, all bilingual, accepted job offers this week and 25 new Crisis Advocate Volunteers also signed on and will begin training in February;
  • I returned to the Board of Supervisors in a joint effort with Tucson Police Chief Kasmar and Pima County Sheriff Nanos to continue our campaign to reform the Initial Appearance process and to make a solid investment in Pre-Trial Services with an eye toward improved public safety;
  • Our Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) program has already opened the year with another full week of 80 Southern Arizona law enforcement personnel learning and practicing de-escalation techniques.  CIT aims to run their week-long program three times this year. I was with them this week and will return at every session because de-escalation training could not possibly be more important in this era; 
  • I shared data reports with the Board of Supervisors, County Administration, The Tucson Metropolitan Chamber, the Hispanic Chamber, and a group now named Tucson Crime Free Coalition, so that all may know and better understand our Office’s approach to property crime in particular;
  • And, we dove head-long into a number of legislative bills needing our attention, and as always, with little notice.  They move fast.  But not as fast as the People’s Office.  

To be continued,


Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney