Week 113


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Love of Reading on a snowy day

#WeekInJustice: Week 113

Another busy week at the People’s Office, and I believe I can just start copying and pasting that phrase to start every Weekly. 

  • Two briefs were filed with the Arizona Supreme Court in our ongoing Reproductive Health litigation.  For now the injunction remains in place, and healthcare continues, as the case proceeds up to the highest court of the State. 
  • Love of Reading continued and took us to Lawrence on a beautiful, snowy drive west on Valencia to Camino de Oeste.  Lawrence is TUSD, and as a neighbor to Pascua Yaqui land, it’s the highest concentration of native students in TUSD.  I was reminded once again how vast, and diverse, and beautiful our County is.  They taught us some words in a quintessential “who is serving who here,” kind of way.  Quite lovely to be with them.
    • On the way out, we were delighted to see our Make the Call (Call 911 in case of overdose) posters front and center at the school’s entrance.  We had delivered 250 of the posters to TUSD headquarters, and if they made it all the way to Lawrence, that’s a fantastic result.
  • Lastly, the newly re-constituted federal roundtable occurred again this morning at the US Attorney’s Office (our federal prosecuting agency.)  USA Gary Restaino has succeeded in gathering the heads of almost every single area police chief and chief prosecutor regularly to keep each other informed.  I had the chance to discuss two topics very important to our community right now: hate crimes and the proliferation of firearms – both of which fall fundamentally as federal crimes in Arizona.  I’m looking forward to increased collaboration on both of those fronts.
Sofia and Lawrence Elementary students
Make the Call at Lawrence Elementary
Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney