Week 24, June 18, 2021


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Today, I’m proud and delighted to announce that Sam Brown, an innovative and...
PCAO administration Sam Brown

Today, I’m proud and delighted to announce that Sam Brown, an innovative and experienced thought leader in our community who currently serves as legal counsel to the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD), is joining PCAO to lead the Civil Division as our new Chief Civil Deputy.

Sam comes to PCAO after nearly a dozen years at TUSD, where he has counseled leadership and its Governing Board through school closures, legislative efforts to eliminate TUSD’s ethnic studies programs, and other challenges. Most recently, as a community builder, Sam has led efforts to reform the Tucson Urban League (TUL), taking it from seven figures in the red to a revitalized TUL that has re-engaged and reclaimed community programs that had been lost.  Sam is a proud, native Tucsonan who shares our vision for justice in Pima County and believes in civil service and our role in making this a better community for all.

When I finally had a chance to meet Sam in-person earlier this year, he asked me if I like puzzles. I absolutely love puzzles, I told him, as does my entire family. “Let’s go solve some puzzles together,” he replied, “for the community.” Sam is the final piece to the puzzle of our Senior Leadership Team. With his experience advising a Board, and with his vision, PCAO will serve this community, just as hoped for.

Also this week:

  • On Tuesday night, we visited our neighbors in Picture Rocks to hear their concerns around people who are speeding excessively on rural roads, endangering desert wildlife. Thanks to Supervisor Bronson, a speed study released just this week has revealed that there is, indeed, an issue and there ought to be a sound solution. We’ll be following up.
  • Our efforts to expunge marijuana convictions throughout Pima County are underway. Beginning July 12, Courts across the state will begin accepting applications to have convictions for marijuana possession wiped clean, and our team will help those who are eligible, convicted out of our Office, to get it done – at no cost. We’re joining with Southern Arizona NORML and our local chapter of the American Friends Service Committee on community outreach to get the message to as many people as possible. Please share our new expungement webpage on your social media channels: pcao.pima.gov/prop207.

To be continued,

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Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney