Week 25, June 25, 2021


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After 28 years of steadfast dedication to PCAO, including 13 years to ...

After 28 years of steadfast dedication to PCAO, including 13 years to our Victim Services Division, Babette McDonald is taking the helm of 88-CRIME.

So many times over the last several years, Babette has risen to the occasion as the interim director of Victim Services, and now that we have a new permanent director in Virginia Rodriguez and a Victim Services unit on the rise, Babette will soar as she takes 88-CRIME into a new era.

88-CRIME is a marketing dream. Its reputation is so strong in this community, and thanks to our media partners, any time a crime remains unsolved, the tagline always reminds us to call 88-CRIME. Throughout the pandemic, Detectives Chief Keith St. John and his partners, Candace Calhoon and Raquel León, worked hard – day and night – to take the calls coming into 88-CRIME and follow leads. Together, and with an extraordinary, all-volunteer community board, they have notched several recent, high-profile successes.

McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog turned 40 this year. (It was a big year on our senior leadership team with multiple 40th birthdays, and we feel for him.) With our All-Star team and 88-CRIME board having succeeded so mightily through the pandemic, it truly excites me to see what they and our communications team will do with the image of McGruff going forward. In the era of community justice, that dog could go anywhere. I can’t wait to join him on a trail run.

To be continued,

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Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney