Week 27, July 9, 2021


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As previously reported, we started the year with a backlog of 150 pending homicide cases...

As previously reported, we started the year with a backlog of 150 pending homicide cases. This was a tall order coming in, and it has required us to adjust the workings of PCAO’s Homicide Panel to meet the realities of the moment. What was once a monthly or biweekly exercise now occurs every single Monday. It is grueling, it is eye opening, and it is training in motion. We will share a six-month retrospective on this next week.

In better news:

  • Our marijuana conviction expungement request form remains open and accessible to all! We will file our first petitions on behalf of those who are eligible on Monday. In the meantime, remember to share the webpage – pcao.pima.gov/prop207 – so anyone can apply for this free service.
  • It has been so nice to be out in the community, in person with people. This week, I arrived a bit exhausted at Mansfield Park in 100 degrees, and within minutes a breeze and a rainbow appeared over the truly amazing three generations of Tucsonans still keeping watch over the Sugar Hill Neighborhood. This is a place and a neighborhood association so rich in history. There is just no substitute for sitting with people in a park and listening to actual concerns. Thank you so much SHNA (pictured) for making me feel so welcome.
  • Detective Tim Hughes retired today. After the Detectives Division took him to lunch yesterday, we had a moment together in my office. We laughed as he regaled me about re-upping his AZPOST certification a few years ago and having to “you know, jump over walls and stuff with the rookies to prove fitness,” but the truth is that Tim will always, always have been the fraud detective who helped us launch our new Fraud Unit and Southern Arizona Anti-Fraud Task Force, in direct response to a very serious community need. Thank you, Detective Hughes, and Godspeed.

To be continued,

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Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney