Week 30, July 30, 2021


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Earlier today, we learned that 20-year-old EMT Jake Dindinger succumbed to the ...

Earlier today, we learned that 20-year-old EMT Jake Dindinger succumbed to the injuries he sustained during the multiple casualty incident on Sunday, July 18. That event has now taken four lives: a Good Samaritan neighbor, an EMT in the line of fire, a big-hearted cheerful woman, and a man reportedly suffering serious mental illness who gained access to a firearm.

Ordinarily, I do not and will not comment in any detail on pending cases, because in doing so, the future jury could be improperly swayed. This situation is different. Because the suspect is deceased, and because our Office’s portion of the investigation concluded this morning, I will be able to discuss the event and, more importantly, prevention in greater detail next week. 

With gratitude for volunteers and staff at TPD and City Council Ward Five, our notice of victim services to all the good people of the Vistas, Western Hills, and Pueblo Gardens have been dropped at homes, and our victim advocates remain present with the directly-impacted families. 

There are too many moments in our building like this, where we are left discouraged and wishing we could somehow have prevented such a horrific event. What we teach here is to take that frustration and direct it to all the good we can do. 

Our Civil Division spent the week tirelessly offering emergency legal opinions to the County as the COVID variant threatens to set us back. It was extraordinary to get final editing privileges over document after document aiming to keep Pima County residents and, most especially, our unvaccinated children as safe and healthy as they can be.
This Office is Southern Arizona’s largest law firm, handling the most critical issues in the most challenging of times. Even on a day like today, they stand resilient.

To be continued,

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Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney