Week 67


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Celebrating our four-legged public servants.

#JusticeinPimaCounty: Week 67

Pictured here are a number of delightful photos from a recent birthday party.

And so, your first thought might be that this week’s Weekly Review might be a matter of fluff (pun intended). But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Pima County Attorney’s Office has three four-legged fulltime employees and they serve the office and our community as critically any of us do.

Next week, one of those three, Blake, will retire after nine years of service.

In those nine years, Blake served thousands of clients in cases involving homicides and domestic violence and sexual assaults and more. So, when we talk about what Blake has done for the community, we are talking about a trauma dog for children and families in absolute crisis after harm has occurred.

I’ve seen the work of these courthouse and trauma dogs in person. I recently had a first-degree murder case where the deceased’s sister needed to make a statement at the time of sentencing.  At that hearing, Blake wiggled himself under the table at her feet and snuggled onto her feet as she struggled to find the strength to give not only her own statement, but the statement her mother wanted to give regarding the loss of her son.

I could literally feel the blood pressure of this young woman go down as Blake helped her give the statement. And my own blood pressure returned to normal in a difficult hearing.

This is the kind of work these three employees – Blake, Baja and Arrow – provide for the agency, for the court, for law enforcement, for crime victims and for the community.

So yes, when you look at these photos and you see us celebrating a birthday, you are right to think that so much fun is being had. Watching these guys eat a cake baked especially for them is like an IV of straight refined sugar. That is to say: it is like pure joy.

And whether it’s Arrow’s birthday this week or Blake’s retirement next week, the joy is so well-deserved.

Nine years of service is a long time and we’re wishing Blake a well-deserved retirement.

To be continued…




Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney