Week 72


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Some weeks are harder than others. Some weeks are more beautiful. Some weeks are all the things.

#JusticeinPimaCounty: Week 72

This was one of those weeks.  

  • As you’ll recall, on Day Four of my time here in Office, the positive cases of COVID coming off of the holidays, and pre-vaccine, were so profound we had to shut the building down for the first time in the building’s history.  This week was uncomfortably reminiscent of that with positive COVID cases and employees who were quite ill in our most public facing units once again. And this seems to be a reflection of what the County and the Nation are beginning to grapple with again: a new wave. If you practice a faith, we could use your prayers. If you practice humanity, we could use your good vibes.
  • With Domestic Violence trials taking priority, the Unit celebrated two significant and challenging wins this week. This Unit might well be the most stalwart. The cases are hard, the issues are complex, the needs are critical.  Interrupting violence that is escalating might be some of the best prevention this office does, and I reassured them this week that all of their efforts go in my “win” category.
  • The Tucson Police Department made an arrest this week for a shooting from last October that caused the death of 70-year-old Linda Mendibles, known on the streets as “Mother Mary” or “Mama Linda” after decades of homeless survival in downtown Tucson.  It is to TPD’s credit that this case remained a high priority, and I let the Hill Family of the medical clinic at the Z Mansion, and by extension the saints and angels who run Sister José, know that TPD and our Office will continue to handle this case with as much care as all other homicides. All people of Pima County are Our People.
  • And so, let’s end on a positive note or two. Dan South, our Criminal Chief, was awarded the 2021 John M. Roll Award by the Pima County Bar Foundation (PCBF), albeit delayed a year by COVID.  And Amiee Crenshaw, an experienced and dedicated Legal Assistant, was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council. Look for more information on these two well-deserved appreciations next week!

To be continued…



Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney