Week 82


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Another very busy week in the People's Office, and finally some rain in the desert too!

#JusticeinPimaCounty: Week 82

  • 988 is finally here!  In case you haven’t heard – and, we are really going to be pushing this message – 988 is the new number to accompany 911. 988 will be the number we call when we need a response to a mental or behavioral health crisis.  And, this is a point of pride for Southern Arizona: for years, 622-6000 has been a live, 24/7 crisis number, and it will still work, but now the whole nation can benefit from 988. And, 988 is so much easier to remember of course.  Did you notice I slipped in “988” six times in this paragraph?  See what I’m doing here? https://www.samhsa.gov/find-help/988

  • Our Detective’s Unit had a magical moment this week that’s more than worth bragging about.  Early Monday morning, a 911 call came in from a desperate midtown family.  Their 82-year-old, 4’9” Nana had likely become disoriented and gone missing from the house. And, in this dangerous heat.  It is said that a detective’s eye is always open, and our own Detective Mike Romero spotted a woman in some distress wandering near his El Pollo Loco lunch.  Sure enough, after assisting her and checking with a neighbor, he had tracked down the missing woman and with TPD reunited her with family.  Congrats and thank you Mike! UPDATE: 82-year-old vulnerable woman located (kgun9.com)

  • Our Civil Unit had another Court of Appeals win from the Health Law Unit, and Jonathan Pinkney’s win reads like a training manual on how our Mental Health court system works here in the County. 
  • Also in Criminal, Haley Weigold had a trifecta week: she secured a conviction in a very difficult case of a young mother who was assaulted and her three year old kidnapped.  Hayley then spent Friday overnight on the streets for a homicide call out.  And early this week, a report came to administration that she had closed a family case by tracking a young mother defendant for over a year of successful work with DCS to reunite with her child and earn a misdemeanor, ensuring a brighter future for mom and child. Now that’s a wraparound prosecutor!

To be continued…



Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney