Week 94


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The People’s Office is getting ready for Fresh Start

#WeekInJustice: Week 94

The People’s Office is getting ready at this hour for Tucson’s most important public safety event of the year.  Fresh Start is set for tomorrow at the TCC from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and it even includes free, certified childcare. See the poster below for details.

When we help people returning from incarceration get back on their feet and make things right, we prevent them from returning to the criminal justice system, and we cut down the crime rate. 

As for this past week in justice, as we hit the middle of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I want to share with you a special exchange with Anshul Krishn, one of our strong domestic violence prosecutors.

Anshul was in trial recently where he performed brilliantly. Though going to trial is always a risk as to how the jury will view the evidence, felony domestic violence prosecutions are often some of the absolute most complex and difficult mountains to climb. The work of this team, our domestic violence law enforcement partners, and our community service providers is extraordinary in the face of great adversity. We do the people’s work for the right reasons and we accept the results when we don’t prevail.  You will see what good people we have working here.  People who look out for each other.

Here is one such story:   


I want to first congratulate you on your first full solo jury trial, from start to finish, in criminal court. That is a very big deal. Only this week, I was reflecting upon my first experience.  They are memorable. 

Second, I want to thank you.  This week alone, we will celebrate trial victories where the act occurs on camera, where we have a full confession, where we have fingerprints, DNA etc, that lock the case up for us.

You, Anshul, you and your colleagues are doing the heavy lifting of taking a case to trial where there is sometimes no physical evidence, and the once cooperative witness has turned 180 degrees.  And then you took on an even greater challenge.  You took on a defendant who wears or once wore a uniform.  The ultimate juror challenge.  The presumption is immediately against you. 

Anshul, I truly cannot thank you enough.  THIS, this is the pursuit of justice.  You asked for accountability.  And you held the line.  It’s not on the front page.  It’s not in a 15-minute guilty verdict.  Your accomplishment is in doing the right thing, against the odds. 

I’m with you in spirit. 

Gratefully, Laura

Hi Laura,

Thank you so much for your encouraging email. I can’t thank you enough for this. I couldn’t have done this without the incredible support from the wonderful people on the 9th floor.

Joseph Ricks was incredibly kind and supportive throughout the trial. His guidance was key to navigating this trial.

Autumn and Jamie moved mountains to make sure we had everything we needed to present this case to the jury. Autumn and Jamie are just invaluable.

I was prepared for this trial because there were others who were very generous with their time and guidance. Vicki, Lacee, Dawn and Alex spent time listening to my opening statement and provided great feedback so I could be better in front of the jury.

Detective Tina Evans took on this case about 3 weeks prior to trial to cover for Det. Kelsey Linares. She did excellent on the stand with the short amount of time she had to prepare for this trial. Dr. Scott Bononno also did a great job. Deputy Christopher Crowder was a rockstar on the stand and testified to what he observed that night.

I am also thankful to Andre, Hector and Max for checking in every morning and afternoon to make sure IT was set up so we could proceed smoothly.

I am incredibly fortunate to be on this floor, working on tough cases for victims that may not always be on board (by the time of trial.) But I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

Thank you again!


Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney