Our Core Values

Every government agency that serves the public should be guided by a set of principles that are easily explained and accessible. Below are PCAO’s.


We are honest with the public and committed as Officers of the Court to the oath we took, the Constitution, and Rules of Ethics.


We are fearless, empowered to step outside of our comfort zone, strong in vulnerability, and anchored by integrity.


We have a sincere regard for all workers, everyone who makes the Office operations possible, and the people of Pima County, including those who are incarcerated and those who have suffered harm.


We value all employees and everyone in the community for who they are. No one is disposable.


We are inclusive and involve people from different social and ethnic backgrounds and beliefs; the Office reflects the community it serves.

Community Trust

PCAO is accessible and responsive; the disenfranchised are invited to talk to us about their ideas and concerns related to community safety.

Professional Excellence

We are building a culture of pride in high quality work; everyone in the Office is a professional with a job worth doing well.

Justice, Inclusivity & Equity

We invest in all staff and attorneys. We value and respect each other’s differences. We are committed to rooting out racial discrimination within the criminal justice system.

Communication & Transparency

We value authenticity and candor over harmony. We solicit feedback from employees when appropriate. We are direct and expect the same in return.

Accountability & Healing

PCAO is a safe place where employees can take ownership of their mistakes and move forward.