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April 2024


April was a month that brought us the tragic loss of a Tucson Police Officer, decisions on reproductive rights, and a historic moment in the sky. Your April community newsletter has arrived.


Remembering Tucson Police Officer Adam Buckner

We want to extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to family, friends, and the Tucson Police Department for the tragic loss of Officer Adam Buckner last month in the line of duty. Our hearts, thoughts, and support are with you through this difficult time. Thank you for your service to our community Officer Buckner. May you Rest in Peace. 

From Pima County Attorney Laura Conover, Chief Deputy Baird Greene, and all of us at PCAO.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month and in Tucson, it’s TucSAAM! In an effort to inform the public and support survivors of sexual violence, local victim service agencies, advocacy groups, law enforcement agencies, and legal rights organizations came together to promote TucSAAM across Southern Arizona. It’s a time to learn about prevention, raise awareness, and support victims. Educational events, media outreach, and digital campaigns were scheduled throughout the month. The Kick-off event was hosted at SACASA and PCAO also held an awards ceremony to honor those who work hard every day to help victims process their trauma and get their voices back. You can see a video of the entire event here.  Our team also participated in Denim Day and wore teal to show solidarity and support fo the initiative.


Community Safety Award Nominations

It’s that time of year!!! Nominations for the 2024 Community Safety Awards are open and we are looking for nominations.
The goal is to honor everyday citizens who go above and beyond to build true community safety.
What does true community safety look like?
Neighbors helping neighbors
Feeding the community
Providing services and opportunities to youth
Extraordinary acts of kindness or courage
Engaging community members in a cause
Preventing harm before it happens

For this award, the Pima County Attorney is looking for individuals who promote safety outside the realm of law enforcement. Awardees will be notified by the week of May 27th and the award ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 8th at Kino Sports Complex. The link to the nomination form can be found on our website. 

Community Safety Awards-Nominations Social

The Fight for Reproductive Rights Continues

A lot was happening on the reproductive rights front in April. First, the Arizona Supreme Court decided to bring back the draconian abortion ban from 1864. Laura along with Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and Pima County Supervisor Adelita Grijalva spoke to reporters that day you can see some of it here. Soon after there were various moves back and forth on the issue, then on May 1st  Arizona legislators worked together and voted to repeal the Arizona Supreme Court vote.  Laura says the move comes as partial relief adding: “Common sense can prevail. We don’t live in 1864, and neither should our laws. We are hopeful that this will give medical providers the ability to continue to give patients the freedom to get the services they need without fear of legal ramifications. In the meantime, without an emergency clause, my team will continue to work with nationwide subject matter experts on what will be our next move in the courts.”  We are hopeful that Arizonans shall have the final say on the issue in November. 

Laura spoke to reporters about the issue
Picture of Reproductive Rights press conference on April 9, 2024.

Laura spoke to BBC News about the reproductive rights issue.

Christopher Clements Sentencing

On April 10, 2024, a Pima County Superior Court Judge sentenced Christopher Clements to serve natural life in prison with no parole in the murder of Isabel Celis. Clements also received 17 years for kidnapping and 3 years on the burglary charge in the case. This will follow the sentence imposed in the Maribel Gonzalez case where he also received a life sentence. Pima County Attorney Laura Conover released the following statement after the sentencing.
“We do not take lightly a request for a sentence of natural life, because in effect we are asking for a sentence of death at the conclusion of incarceration. But there are times when we do ask for just such a sentence, as we did today. And in achieving that goal, this individual can bring no further harm to our community.”
It was also a final courtroom appearance on the case for PCAO veteran prosecutor Tracy Miller who will now move on and become a judge in Pima County Superior Court. Thank you and your fantastic team for all of the hard work done on this volatile case. 

PCAO Prosecutors speaking to the media after sentencing

Taking a trip to Ajo and Sells

We returned to Sells for our regular meetings with the Tohono O’odham Attorney General and his Senior Leadership and then Chairman José and Vice-Chairwoman Johnson. Then later that day team PCAO held our semi-annual Town Hall in Ajo alongside their PCSO Lieutenant, Constable, Probation, our own fabulous Ajo Deputy Prosecutor Sara Barrett and Legal Secretary Pat Gonzalez, new Justice of the Peace Sara Mae Williams, and our Victim Services Director Virginia Rodriguez.

We also made a stop and had an informal Cafecito in Why, Arizona. Western Pima County remains beautiful, resilient, and KIND. You spoke, and we listened!

Green Valley DUI Treatment Court

Green Valley’s first student of their new DUI Treatment Court finished successfully. It was fantastic to congratulate him and his family on the new path he has charted.


PCAO out in the community

We participated in multiple events during the month of April including the 2024 NAMI Walk, Pistor Middle School painting project, and the Family Fun Fair at Reid Park.  


Happy Retirement

Our last Love of Reading visit was a stop at Rio Vista Elementary. The kids and staff were awesome and so were the beautiful murals on site. It’s a great way to wrap up our initiative while continuing to make connections in our community. 


We Are Hiring!!!


Messages of the Month

Sankt-Petersburg Russia November 11, 2017: Apple iPhone 7 on wooden table with icons of social media facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat application on screen. Smartphone Starting social media app.

Here’s a look at some of the links to social media and podcast messages we shared throughout February.

All Podcast episodes are available here:

Social Media Posts:

National Crime Victim’s Week
Well Wishes for Congressman Grijalva
Animal Cruelty Prevention Month
Happy Earth Day 2024

More pictures from the month

Our courthouse dog program was honored this month at the Hero’s Without Capes event and it was also Arrow’s 6th birthday the same week!! We also showed some appreciation for staff on National Administrative Professionals Day.  Here’s a link to Arrow’s Birthday Party Video.  Don’t forget about the awesome ECLIPSE OF 2024!! This eclipse photo was taken by our misdemeanor paralegal Max Walsh. Thanks, Max. 


See you NEXT MONTH!!

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