Conviction & Sentencing Integrity Unit

While the trial and appellate processes contain important safeguards for those accused of a crime, PCAO acknowledges that there are systemic issues that often lead to unjust convictions and excessively harsh sentences. The Conviction & Sentencing Integrity Unit (CSIU) serves to safeguard the public and to fulfill this Office’s ethical duty to seek justice in every case.

CSIU’s mission is to review legitimate claims of innocence and excessive sentencing. CSIU is composed of a bureau chief and a CSIU Committee. The CSIU Chief organizes the work of the Committee and leads all re-investigations of cases that present a credible claim of innocence or over-sentencing. PCAO senior members serve on the CSIU Committee.

Requirements for consideration by the CSIU:

Review Process:

Requests for review must be submitted in writing to Supervising Deputy County Attorney Brad Roach, CSIU Chief, and should include the convicted person’s name, case number, evidence of innocence or over-sentencing, and, if applicable, how CSIU could look further into that evidence. CSIU does not review non-innocence related claims such as procedural errors at trial or ineffective assistance of counsel that are decided by the appellate system. If the review process determines that someone has been wrongfully convicted or excessively sentenced, PCAO will file a motion to vacate the verdict. Note: If a defendant is currently represented by counsel, all communication with CSIU must be through that attorney.

Application and Other Information:

Emails can be sent to Letters can be sent to the attention of Deputy County Attorney Brad Roach, Conviction Integrity Chief, Pima County Attorney’s Office, Legal Services Building, 32 N. Stone Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85701.

Rights Restoration & Wrongful Conviction Resources:

Under Arizona law, in some cases, a person with a criminal conviction may apply to the Superior Court to have their rights restored, set aside a conviction, or obtain other relief. The Pima County Attorney’s Office (PCAO) may represent the State of Arizona in this process and cannot represent any individual. You can also contact the the agencies below for further assistance:

Pima County Public Defense Services Public Defense Legal Clinics

Information Line: (520) 724-2285

University of Arizona, Rogers College of Law Civil Rights Restoration Clinic

Prof. Andy Silverman, Clinic Director
(520) 621-1975

Additional Resources :

Forms for moving to designate a conviction a misdemeanor and restore civil rights of certain convictions are available on the Superior Court website, under “Criminal CourtIn addition, several organizations assist persons who believe they were wrongfully convicted or imprisoned for a crime in Pima County or elsewhere in Arizona. PCAO is not affiliated with, does not control, and is not responsible for any services these agencies may provide. This was prepared on May 13, 2021, and the laws, contact information, and other information may have changed since then. 
University of Arizona, Rogers College of Law Innocence Project University of Arizona Innocence Project
James E. Rogers College of Law 1145 N. Mountain Ave. Tucson, AZ 85719 General Information: Application:
Arizona Justice Project
111 E. Taylor St., Suite 365
Phoenix, AZ 85004

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Department Contact Info:

Brad Roach, Senior Counsel

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