Pima County Attorney Laura Conover

You can make a difference when you see an overdose
happening. Call 911 right away and have Narcan available. Arizona’s Good
Samaritan Law protects you and Narcan is available for free. Make the Call,
because every second counts.

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Weekly Reviews

How to Request Information from PCAO

Unless making a request in-person, individuals requesting to review records or to obtain copies of records should complete a Public Records Request form and must pay for copies. Please be as specific as possible in your request to ensure accuracy in the production of the records. Find full instructions for requesting records and request forms by clicking HERE.

News Releases

The PCAO News section provides information on what we’re doing to serve Pima County residents and achieve reform by spotlighting original content that is accessible and easy to consume. In all of our content, we use people-first language to honor the humanity and dignity of everyone who intersects with the criminal justice system. This means that, instead of using words like “felons” or “inmates” or unnecessarily scary language to describe those accused or convicted of committing harm, you’ll see terms like “people in jail” or “people with conviction histories.” We believe that using dehumanizing, hyperbolic language only divides us, makes our communities less safe, and subjects those who have already suffered harm to further trauma. We invite you to comment, share PCAO’s original content, and follow us on all of our social media platforms. If you’re a reporter trying to gather information for a story, on deadline or for background, email media@pcao.pima.gov or call PCAO Communications Director Shawndrea Thomas at (520) 310-4720.