How to Request Information from PCAO

Unless making a request in-person, individuals requesting to review records or to obtain copies of records should complete a Public Records Request form and must pay for copies. Please be as specific as possible in your request to ensure accuracy in the production of the records. Find full instructions for requesting records and request forms by clicking HERE.

Business & Transactions Unit and Land Use & Environment Unit

Bobby Yu, Supervising Attorney

The BTU provides legal advice to most Pima County departments and special taxing districts about all aspects of their operations; assists in the structuring of the County’s many business transactions; acts as issuer’s counsel on all County debt issuances; and provides PCAO’s audit-response letters to the County’s auditors. The BTU also provides advice and training throughout the County on open meetings, public records, and contract law.

The Land Use and Environment unit enforces County environmental and land use ordinances, provides legal advice, and defends claims related to County activities in these areas for the County and affiliated entities. The Unit manages an active caseload of both administrative proceedings and matters litigated in state or federal courts. The Unit assists the Health Department, the Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department, and the Flood Control District with code enforcement, and also provides representation in defending the County from environmental liability for landfills once owned or operated by the County. The Unit is perfecting and defending the County’s water rights claims in the Gila River Adjudication, and provides general advice to Pima County Development Services, the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality, the Regional Flood Control District and other departments concerning all aspects of their work.

Elections Unit and Tax Unit

Dan Jurkowitz, Supervising Attorney

The Elections unit provides legal advice to the Department of Elections, the County Recorder and the County School Superintendent regarding compliance with federal and state election laws, defends election challenges, and enforces campaign finance laws. Attorneys in the Unit also provide legal advice and representation to the County Recorder and County School Superintendent regarding their other statutory duties, and provide legal advice and representation to the Justice Courts/Justices of the Peace.

The Tax Unit provides legal advice and representation for the Assessor, Treasurer, and Pima County in property tax appeals and related lawsuits. Much of the Unit’s efforts are focused on defending property tax appeals and the Treasurer’s interests in collecting real and personal property taxes in bankruptcies, forfeitures, eminent domain, and probate cases, as well as her interest in tax lien foreclosure and excess proceeds cases.

employment Unit

Yvette Patterson, Supervising Attorney

This unit provides legal advice to County elected officials and departments regarding compliance with federal and state employment laws as well as County policies, defends the County in federal and state court in employment related litigation, and defends charges before federal and state administrative enforcement agencies. Attorneys in the Unit also defend County elected officials and departments before the County’s Merit System Commission and Law Enforcement Merit System Council and enforce state employment authorization laws. 

Health Law Unit

Jonathan Pinkney, Supervising Attorney

Civil Deputy County Attorneys in the Health Law Unit provide legal advice and support to the Pima County Health Department, the Department of Behavioral Health, Pima Animal Care Center, the Office of the Medical Examiner, and the Office of Emergency Management. They also represent these clients in court cases involving such matters as the isolation and quarantine of individuals with infectious diseases, the forfeiture of dangerous and neglected animals, and the protection of health records. Civil Deputy CAs in this unit also participate in revisions to health-related sections of the County Code. The Health Law Unit also pursues court orders for the involuntary mental health treatment of people whose untreated mental illness is likely to cause severe harm to themselves or pose a danger to others.

Public Records Requests Unit

This unit handles all public records requests made of the Pima County Attorney’s Office. The Unit annually reviews thousands of documents, photographs, and audio and video files for redaction and promptly provides records to requesters in compliance with Arizona’s public records laws.

Tort Unit

Rebecca O'Brien, Supervising Attorney

This unit defends Pima County, its elected officials, and employees against a variety of personal injury and civil rights claims both in federal and state courts. Attorneys in this Unit also provide legal advice regarding liability issues and provide legal advice and representation to the Constables.

Our Dedication To Open Government


The Pima County Attorney’s Office supports and enforces Arizona’s Public Records Law, sometimes referred to as the Sunshine on Government law. All records and other matters in the office of any public agency or official in the State are to be open during office hours for inspection by any person. The County Attorney responds promptly to all requests for records maintained by her Office and provides legal advice and representation to the various other county departments, officials, boards, and committees to assist them in doing so as well. In addition, the County Attorney investigates alleged violations of the Public Records Law and, when warranted, takes action against agencies or individuals within Pima County who violate the law. The County Attorney also coordinates and collaborates with the Arizona Attorney General’s enforcement team.

If you wish to view or obtain a copy of a record maintained by the Pima County Attorney’s Office, please complete the Public Records Request Form (commercial or non-commercial).

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