PCAO Hits $1 Million Mark for Fraud Victims


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Returning prosecutor heads new PCAO Fraud Unit.

TUCSON, ARIZONA – June 07, 2022 – Veteran prosecutor Julia Kaiserman has returned to the Pima County Attorney’s Office Criminal Division to lead the Office’s first dedicated Fraud Unit in 20 years.

The Unit, which County Attorney Laura Conover formed shortly after taking office, investigates, prosecutes, and teaches prevention techniques on various types of fraud, including wage theft, scams, insurance and bank fraud, environmental, housing, and medical fraud.

Conover created the unit to focus on fraud and scam shortly after taking office, as a result of widespread concerns she heard coming into office.

The Fraud Unit got off to a strong start under the leadership of former Prosecuting Attorney Nicholas Spare, whose efforts included focusing on crimes that often went unaddressed, such as contractor fraud and efforts to target the elderly and medically frail.

While winning fraud cases can be complex, the unit has had success in attaching restitution requirements to plea offers, ensuring defendants face harsher consequences unless victims recover their losses, leading to the near benchmark amount in victim restitution.

And at the Unit’s one year mark, the court has now ordered one million in new restitution to victims.

Kaiserman comes into her new post with a strong history of successful prosecution. Her 12-year career began here at PCAO where she was one of the first prosecutors to work with the Coalition Against Retail Theft (CART.)

“When they first launched CART, I was one of the three area attorneys tracking patterns of retail theft and damage,” Kaiserman said.  “We would target offenders and put them on the felony radar. At CART where I will soon return, we ensure accountability.”

With 38 felony jury trials, primarily in high level property crimes, Julia brings multi jurisdiction experience.  Returning to PCAO from the Attorney General’s Office, she has statewide and federal investigation experience, tools and resources and the demonstrated ability to engage fraud examiners for successful outcomes.

“Small theft offends me, and I am happy to be the voice for the people,” she said. “I am local. My focus is local.  I am a lifetime Tucsonan.  My father, my husband, my entire family are all small business owners or employed by them.  Small business health and wellness is in my blood.  I have lived it.”

The unit, which was formed in the first year of this administration, began with an outreach campaign raising awareness and provided citizens with the information to help avoid becoming a victim.

If you suspect fraud or scam, reach out right away at www.pcao.pima.gov or at (520) 724-5666


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Laura Conover

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