Pima County Attorney’s Office Releases Statement After Isabel Celis Murder Trial Guilty Verdict – February 29, 2024


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Isabel Celis Murder Trial Guilty Verdict

TUCSON, ARIZONA – February 29, 2024 – In response to the guilty verdict in the Christopher Clements trial in the murder of Isabel Celis, Pima County Attorney Laura Conover has released the following statement:
In April of 2012, our community woke up in fear, after discovering that six-year-old Isabel Celis, had vanished from her bedroom overnight. Her murder devastated the Celis family and has had a long-lasting and significant impact on our community. Today, just after 3 pm Christopher Clements was found guilty on all counts.
After a decade of hard work and determination, a measure of justice has now come with a verdict of guilty, not only for the Celis family but also the family of Maribel Gonzales in an earlier related trial, after the remains of both young girls were recovered in a tremendous solve for both cold cases. 
It took months of hard work, preparation, and a week’s long trial, and finally, the jury returned a guilty verdict in the murder of Isabelle Celis against Christopher Clements today. Pima County prosecutors put their best foot forward to secure justice for the family and the jury’s verdict vindicates that effort. Our heartfelt sympathies go to the Celis family given the trauma they have had to endure throughout the trial. We would also like to thank both extended families for their grace and strength through this process.
Along with the team of Tracy Miller, Chris Ward, Tisha Scott, PCAO Detectives Jessie Faircloth, Alex Montoya, TPD Detectives Jeff Lockwood and Josh Cheek, PCAO Staff Luis Garcia, Jennifer Garcia, Mike O’Hearn, and countless others worked tirelessly to prosecute and try the case. Additional thanks belong to the investigating agency, the Tucson Police Department, and to the many supporting agencies without whom the prosecution would not have succeeded, including the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The United States Marshal’s Service, and The United States Border Patrol.  
Years ago, there was hope Isabel Celis could be found and rescued, and thousands of strangers came together to lend volunteer time to the effort.  It was an extraordinary display of the best of us, the best that the County can do when we come together.  At PCAO, we so wish we could bring Maribel and Isabel back, hopefully; this verdict can bring some degree of closure to their loved ones. Que en paz descansen, Isa y Mari. 


Media Contact: Shawndrea Thomas
Director of Communications
Pima County Attorney’s Office
(520) 724-5738 (Office)
(520) 310-4720 (Mobile)

Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney

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