Week 16, April 23, 2021


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The question of prevention floats through my mind all day, every day. Once again this week...
core values

The question of prevention floats through my mind all day, every day. Once again this week, we had a terrible three consecutive days with homicides reported. We have extraordinary professionals here who are equipped to provide services to the survivors and to hold accountable those who commit harm. However, as the People’s Office begins re-engaging the community, the question is asked again and again: What can we all do to prevent victimization from occurring in the first place?

So, this week:

  • One of our newer attorneys, Alex Lambdin, stepped into an extremely important role in the arena of animal cruelty. He lectured this week with his Justice Court partners on the importance of these cases. Where we can intervene early in these cases, the data is clear that we are preventing future, escalating harm in our community.
  • The Fraud Unit continues to give lectures and attend meetings (all virtually, still), sharing tips on how to protect yourself. The latest fraud we’re hearing about – follow me here – are phone calls from “the police” asking our elders to assist them undercover to catch fraudsters by posing as potential victims. This is in itself a FRAUD. The more we talk about fraud with our parents, our grandparents & our neighbors, the more we protect each other.
  • And, to return to the brutal truth at the beginning of this week’s review, we’ve been asking how we can help ease tension in the community. Our team has been going out at least once a month on Saturdays (e.g. when we gave away groceries, pictured, outside Food City with TPD & Pillars & Bridges), and we’ve decided that, until the heat drives us in, we should go out every weekend. So we’ll see you soon – planting trees, clearing trash, helping neighbors meet neighbors. Community.

To be continued,

Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney