Week 31, August 6, 2021


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One of the many beautiful things about this agency is the depth to which we and, thus...

One of the many beautiful things about this agency is the depth to which we and, thus, the community are supported by professional, dedicated volunteers.

Alongside the 88-Crime Board volunteers I recently told you about, I have been focused the last month on the Board that runs the Victim Compensation Fund (VCF). As I have shared, our Victim Advocates have been at area hospitals and working with families around the clock since the tragedy of the mass shooting on July 18. But the VCF plays a critical role, as well. I remembered thinking at least three times the night of the incident that, through no one’s fault, we were all stationed in someone’s front yard, and that the lights and sirens had been lighting up dozens of homes for hours. For as many people who lost a loved one, there were double as many who witnessed and endured trauma. And the Victim Compensation Fund can provide financial support for any counseling that is sought (and should be sought) to recover from an event like everybody experienced. (Share this video on your social media platforms so folks across our community can learn if they are eligible for assistance. It features VCF coordinator Rosanna Cortez and Victim Advocate Andrea Enciso, and was produced by Tony Gallego.)

In the midst of all this, we are bringing on a new Board member to the Victim Compensation Fund: Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Chase Velasquez, a superstar who already has three other jobs. He is the kind of person who finds that even though he is teaching, and providing legal expertise, he still needs to offer a little bit more to the community. Sounds like just the perfect person we had in mind.

And this is Pima County.

To be continued,

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Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney