Week 123


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Happy Mother's Day!

#WeekInJustice: Week 123

Due to the incredibly hard work by the members of the homicide panel and our reduction to the backlog we inherited, we were able to take a rest this past Monday.  And, at the time, we noted that we were on day four without a homicide in the County, making today day ten.  I know that everyone in our Major Crimes Unit, the two TPD homicide units, and area law enforcement are now all groaning and knocking on wood, but this is an important stretch that the community should be relieved about.  We hope to continue on the path to a far less lethal year well into the second quarter than the Covid years, and we need to celebrate these milestones.

Other highlights:

  • Joining with my 14 County Attorney colleagues and the Attorney General, we have sent formal correspondence to the Governor’s Office and our congressional delegation about the looming deep cuts to Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funding.  
  • And, following up on that, PCAO has also joined Emerge, Southern Arizona Legal Aid, and other local non-profits to lobby on this pressing concern as well.
    • VOCA was passed in 1984 and established Federal funding for crime victims.  With a projected 50% cut, we’re doing everything we can to ring the alarm bells. 
  • All hands are on deck here at the People’s Office as the Board of Supervisors and County Administration work to navigate the end of Title 42.
  • Joseph Ricks and Noelle Jensen are co-counsel on a case that received extensive media coverage regarding the murder of a woman and her two sons, Joseph Ricks is finishing his third straight week of jury trial.  Sometimes justice requires the full marathon. 

Lastly, U of A graduates celebrate tonight, and our own Patrick Robles, our original community outreach coordinator will be delivering the commencement speech.  He left us at the request of the student body that he become their president, and this summer he’ll join Governor Katie Hobbs and her staff.  We knew him when! 

Happy Mother’s Day, and,

To be continued, Laura

Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney

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