Week 128


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Visiting around the community.

#WeekInJustice: Week 128

As we approach mid-year, we are down 33% in homicides, and that’s far better than the state and the recently reported national average of a 12% drop according to recent Washington Times article. This extraordinary payoff is starting to give us a chance to carefully shift resources towards the concerns expressed in recent editorials about crime in our region.  As for our gun lock distribution, last year we gave out 18,463 locks and so far, this year that number is at 3,749 with more events scheduled for the rest of the year and giveaways expected.

We recently toured the Sister Jose Women’s Center to see its operations. The organization is made up of wonderful staff and volunteers who assists unhoused women and their pets who are in desperate need of help. They supply the most vulnerable with meals, clothing, showers, laundry service and a safe place to rest.

Last year they served over 36,000 home cooked meals, had more than 20,000-day visits, and nearly 12,000 overnight stays. Right now, they need help with supplies of underwear, bras, travel sunscreen/deodorant and umbrellas. Along with all the challenges that come with having no place to live, physical disabilities, chronic illness and mental health disabilities are also common.  If you would like to volunteer or donate let the communications team know. It’s a great way to give back to our community.

A special welcome to our new law clerks and interns. Thank you to Tiffany, Sam, and everyone else who helped organized the meet and greet. It’s so great to see the new and creative minds of the law teams of the future. It was nice to meet all of you!

Our 2023 PCAO Summer High School Enrichment Academy kicked off last week.

Students will go through training and real-life law-related topics and learn how the legal system works. They will look at everything from case file presentations to criminal trials and closing argument lectures. There’s a lot to this list! The academy runs until July 27th.

Lastly, I wanted to share that we have officially recorded our first ever “The People’s Office Podcast” episode. In the first installment, Laura reflects on her visit to Alabama earlier this year to learn about the impact of how our country’s past is still affecting our current judicial system.

The conference was organized by Fair and Just Prosecution, who also discussed methods and solutions to resolving today’s judicial issues. As part of the trip Laura toured some of the most iconic locations connected to the civil rights movement in Selma and Birmingham. The video and audio versions of the podcast will be available soon. Also, if you want to suggest a guest or topic feel free to send them my way. More to come!!

See you next week!

Be well,


Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney