Week 131


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Second year in a row, prosecutors in our Office have been awarded Arizona's Excellence in Victim Advocacy Award.

#WeekInJustice: Week 131

We have a key takeaway from this week: for the second year in a row, prosecutors in our Office have been awarded Arizona’s Excellence in Victim Advocacy Award.

In back-to-back years, the statewide agency that oversees training and development for Arizona prosecutors chose Pima County as leading the State in service and advocacy for victims of crime. Another congratulations to Lacee Collins and Tai Summers!

Lacee Collins
Tai Summers
Ileana Lizarraga

And a shout-out to Ileana Lizarraga for being nominated for the Victim Advocate of the Year Award!

This is no surprise to our Office which has not only excelled but engaged in groundbreaking victim advocacy for decades.

But some wondered whether Criminal Justice Reform, or, a Smart on Justice approach would somehow compromise our attention to victims.

To the contrary.

This administration always knew that by reframing our prosecutorial priorities, we would be increasing resources, staff, and attention to our units with the most victim work: Major Crimes, Domestic Violence, Special Victims.

And it’s fantastic to see the work paying off, and our incredible staff rewarded.

It’s taken patience, hard work, and old-fashioned Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Onward.

To be continued, Laura

Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney