Week 136


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More military veterans in Pima County will benefit from a City of Tucson justice program

#WeekInJustice: Week 136

More military veterans in Pima County will benefit from a City of Tucson justice program that significantly reduces repeat offenses because of an agreement between the People’s Office and local judiciary.

On Thursday, Aug. 17, Pima County Attorney Laura Conover signed an agreement with the Regional Municipalities Veterans Treatment Court (RMVTC) that will provide the opportunity for veterans whose misdemeanor offenses occur in unincorporated Pima County to benefit from a proven program.

The RMVTC, previously available only for those who commit misdemeanor crimes within the boundaries of Tucson, is now available throughout Pima County after Conover signed an agreement along with Pima County Superior Court Presiding Judge Jeffrey Bergin, Green Valley Justice of the Peace Ray Carroll, and City Court Magistrate Thaddeus Simone during a ceremony at Tucson City Court.

The program, launched in 2008 under Judge Mike Pollard, offers unique opportunities to have cases heard in courtrooms where many judges, support staff and attorneys share military experience.

The RMTCV program has become a national model for working with the unique situation of military veterans accused of misdemeanor crimes, bringing about a significant reduction in repeat offenses by veterans.

While national recidivism rates hover around 50 percent for veterans, those exposed to the RMTCV have had recidivism rates of approximately 15 percent. In other words, 85 percent of those veterans never return to the criminal justice system.

“This is another example of a metro approach to government and to servicing the people of Pima County, Conover said. “The Tucson City Court had the gold standard just a block away from us, and we are so grateful that the Court agreed to accept our county veterans into their program so they can benefit right alongside city resident veterans.  This is exactly the kind of cooperation that improves outcomes for all.”

And finally, today we met with Dr. Da’Mond T. Holt from Fresh Start to talk about our participation in this year’s Fresh Start Expo. If you want to know about what Fresh Start does check out this video.

The program has grown, since starting up in 2019 there were about 400 participants at the Tucson Convention Center and now it stands at over 1,000 people who attended last year to help clear up warrants, marijuana expungements and other legal issues. Visitors can also get felony employment and educational opportunities.

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Laura Conover

Laura Conover

Pima County Attorney